Version 0.95c finished:
  • allotement updated: the users personal sfv-settings are no longer changed
  • size of directorys with more than 4 GB is now calculated correctly
  • racer: speed now has 5 digits before the point


Some minor changes:
  • improved racer
  • fixed bad progress bar when user disconnect during upload
  • advertisement files are also chmod'ed now
  • added checkbox wether racer.sav should be chmod'ed or not

view some screenshots


Bugfixing is over and some changes also made it into the new version:
  • fixed bugs with sfv-files (0 bytes size, .SFV not recognized)
  • fixed userfile format - allotment works again
  • fixed and improved racer
  • added extra newdir lists for each module
  • added possibility to disable sfv features for folders with specific names
  • added minimum user level for "post message" and "post request" command


The most obvious change surely is this most cool new site-desing. Many thanks to JediSthlm who made it. Great work!

Finally it is done: I revised all the old features and added some new ones. In detail, the changes are:

  • bugs fixed: all features that stopped working now run again. In addition, the "site bug-o-rama" site-command lists all known bugs and who found them: your chance to eternal fame!
  • modular configuration: now you can set up different configurations for different parts of your server.
  • racer info: free to configure racer info.
  • and with every copy of MultiScript comes a shiny new .hlp file instead of the old .txt!


Update: multiscript.rulez is now history, added "site makem3u" that creates a playlist of the current directory, mp3linker now allows you to put the "today"-link wherever you want. Chmod also really works now even with very big sfvs.


You're lucky, I was bored. So I made some changes:

  • First of all I fixed all dates on this site.
  • Secondly, I fixed this chmod-stuff. Now it should work.
  • Changed some features that now take wildcards (* and ?): force upload sfv first, upload files in sfv only anddeny filename.
  • MultiCD support can now be disabled for features you don't want it for.
  • Option to set ownership of all MultiScript files in a folder to the uploader, so this user can delete the whole dir.
  • Advertisement feature: allows to auto-copy a certain file in completed dirs.
  • Last but not least: merged tag info and sfv completed. When a folder is completed, you have only one file/folder containing status and tag information.


The good news are: i've added a feature: multi-Cd-support.
The bad (bad for you :)) news are: study starts again and judging from the experience collected during the last half year I will have no time working on MS. So I hope the important things work as they should. If you have any problems, you can mail me though. Maybe it's something simple.


Bugs fixed: error message when executing chmod.exe; also improved mp3linker. Now there should be no more problems with Win2k.


Made some changes: the pop up window is now hidden and the internal mp3linker is finished. I've made a new site command for the newdir list. If you want to upgrade from version 0.90, delete the file "ms.cfg" in RaidenFTPD's directory first!
There also was a bug concerning boards - the time of the entrys wasn't saved, I fixed this. Sadly, you will loose your old boards when upgrading. You have to delete them yourself, refer to upgrade-infos on the download page.
Some other new features have been added, like moving completed directorys and creating playlists.


OK, I have reached a point where I can release this version 0.90. There have been some serious changes. See the about page for details on what's new and what's ripped.


Well, first semester is over and here I am again. I'm just working on some new version of MultiScript ; it won't just be an update but a completely rebuild (written in C++), with more graphics, some new features (like a newdir list) and some old features (boards that are completely free to configure). Hopefully I'll get finished with everything in about a month or two because then semester 2 starts and I'll be gone for another half year :(...


I fixed some bug that occured using MultiScript with not-mp3 servers (the "reupload a song" folder).
Furthermore you can now auto-post filled requests in the messageboard;
also added a feature that creates upload-info-files. Every file uploaded is logged there with name of uploader, date and time of upload.


There won't be many updates in the near future, for I've started studying and that takes lots of time. I'll keep working on MultiScript but progress will slow down.


I'm going to release new versions on this site as soon as they are finished.


I've moved my page to some ad-free space. Make sure to visit iguanaMUSiC. Great MP3-tutorial (german) and many cool links.


New Page online, not that much content up to now.
I'm trying to put some extended MultiScript-Info online, FAQs and stuff.