MultiScript is a script for the RaidenFTPD-server. It provides .sfv-functionality, .mp3 support, site-commands and some advanced features like racer info or newday directories.

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SFV features

Missing files:

Creates dummy-files for every file in the .sfv that hasn't been uploaded yet.

Progress bar:

Completely free to configure. Shows how many files of the .sfv have been uploaded.

SFV missing:

A folder or file is made in parent dir if somebody does not upload a .sfv.

SFV incomplete:

A folder or file in parent is created when a .sfv is not yet completed.

Additional SFV features:

You can force your users to upload the sfv first, upload only one sfv per folder and/or upload only files that are contained in a sfv in the folder.

.bad files:

Automatically delete or resize them to 0 bytes.


MP3 features

Tag info:

An infofolder / -file with info about the .mp3 in the folder (bitrate, genre, year).

Playlist support:

Creates a playlist containing the songs of the folder.


Creates index folders that sorts your mp3s by genre, bps, album, artist and group (you can disable any of these).


site commands


Keep your customers informed about everything you want. Also allows the users to post messages.


As the name tells requests are posted here, so if somebody wants something he can post it here and anyone who has it can fill it.


general features:

Creator info:

With this, you always know who created a directory

Deny list:

Allows you to block directorys and files that contain or match certain strings.


Give your users credits at certain times. You can add or fill the credits daily, weekly or monthly.

newday directory:

Creates a directory every day. Can be created e.g. in a subdir that is named after the actual month. In addition, a link to todays and yesterdays directory can be created.

newdir list:

The last x new made directorys are listed here. Is saved when Raiden closes. Wither include the .txt file in some message or use "site newdir" to display it.

move completed folders:

When a sfv is completed, you can automatically move the compelted folder into another directory of your server.


You can specify foldername-templates, that are later treated as multi-Cd-folders, which means, the SFV incomplete, SFV missing, progress bar and tag info are created in the respective parent directorys (so everything looks as you would expect it to look). You can disable multiCD support for each of these features separately.


Copy an ad-file into completed folders. Useful to add your .nfos automatically.

racer info:

Shows statistics about the uploads in the current directory.